How do I register for a course?

You know what course you're looking for, now it's time to register. Here's a step-by-step outline on how to register for a single person for a single course.

1. Navigate over to our calendar page.

2. Look for the course you'd like to take on a date that fits you best.

3. Click on the course you'd like to register for.

4. You should now be looking at a page that gives you the course description. In the bottom right of that page, there is a button called, "Add Attendee" Click on this button.

5. Enter the attendee's name & email. The email entered here will receive the payment receipt & the webinar link information.

6. If you're a First Responder or registering a First Responder please enter their FCDICE Number for proper CEU reporting back to the State & Fire College.

7. If you're not a First Responder but have a license that requires reporting of CEU's to the State, then please select your License Category & your Certificate Number for proper reporting of your CEU's to the state.

8. Once all the information is entered, click the blue "Save" button.

At this point, you will be brought back to the page where you see the course description, but you will see the name & email of the person you just registered.

If you need to register another person for this same class, simply click on the "Add an attendee" button & repeat steps 4 - 8 until you have all the people you'd like to register for the courses entered.

9. Now you're ready to reserve your seats for the course. Click on the "Reserve" button on the bottom right of the page.

10. You should now see a page that acknowledges that you have registered & says thank you. The course has now been added to your shopping cart.

If you have more courses you'd like to register for, you can repeat steps 1-9 for those courses now. If not or if you're done registering for multiple courses, you now click "Go to Cart" on the thank you page. You can also get to your shopping cart at any time by clicking the shopping cart icon in the top right of the website.

11. You should now be in your shopping cart, where you can review the courses you've registered for & how many people you have registered for those courses then enter your name, address & if applicable, a discount code.

NOTE: Several courses are offered free of charge and paid for by the Florida Propane Education, Safety and Research Council and dealers of propane in the state. “Florida Residents Only.” To promote safety in our industry, the Propane Emergencies course is available free for everyone. Mobile Food Vendor Propane Safety and Dispensing Propane Safety courses are offered free for all fire community personnel, food truck, and portable food vendor owners, operators, and employees.

If applicable, this cart page has a field called, "Discount Code" on the right side. First Responders enter “Heroes” & Mobile Food Vendors enter “Yummy”. Then click "Apply" to have the discount applied to your cart.

12. After you have entered all the required information, choose your payment method. To pay with standard credit or debit cards, click "Continue to Payment". If you'd like to use Shop Pay or Apple Pay, click one of those options.

13. Next, you will see Propane Training Services with your order. Select "Complete Order".

14. You will see a page that says, "Order Being Processes".

15. Finally, once your order is processed a "Thank you" along with your "Order Number" will appear stating that you will receive a Confirmation Text or Email.

You will receive an email receipt of your purchase & all attendees you added to a course will get an email with the webinar link & calendar file they can add to any calendar app you may use.