Mr Nipper’s Serviceman’s Tips Common sense still makes sense!

Who is Clyde Nipper?  
Clyde was One of the best propane appliance service technicians in South Florida for many years, (1950’s-70’s). He was a wonderful, kind, patient and all-around terrific Southern gentleman. When I was District Manager, at the Englewood Petrolane office,  I was very fortunate to have Mr. Nipper close by. 

Mr. Nipper’s Serviceman’s tips. 
Carl, don’t fix it until you get there!
It is not wise nor safe to make any presumption before you go on the service call to work on gas appliances. Clyde always found a problem but then always took the time to make sure that he checked the entire appliance over; should there be more problems than the obvious repair…Clyde’s forethought saved us a lot of return calls.